Eddy Duchin Biography, Age, Career, Second Wife, Death

Eddy Duchin Biography

Born on the 1st of April, 1909, Edwin Frank Duchin, popularly known as Eddie Duchin or, alternatively, Eddy Duchin, was an American band leader and jazz pianist. 

Eddy Duchin became prominent after featuring as a member of Leo Reisman's Orchestra at the Central Park Casino in New York and is known for his suave appearance and flashy piano style.

He died of acute myelogenous leukaemia on February 9, 1951, at Memorial Hospital, Manhattan.

Early life, education and career

Eddy Duchin was born on April 1, 1909, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, to Frank Duchin and Tillie (nee Baron). 

He attended Beverley High School before graduating and attending the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. After graduating from college, Eddy Duchin practised as a pharmacist before switching to music and starting a new career at the Central Park Casino in New York as a member of Leo Reisman's Orchestra. He became so popular that his fame caused strife between him and Reisman.

In 1931, Eddy Duchin formed his own band. Together with his band, he took over the residency at Casino and got opportunities to perform at many venues. He also appeared in the 1935 film "Coronado” and "The Hit Parade" in 1937. During that period, Eddy Duchin won a number of recording contracts from the likes of Victor Records, Columbia Records, and Brunswick Records.

In 1945, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan, Eddy Duchin joined the US Navy, serving as a combat officer before attaining the rank of lieutenant. Some of his military awards include the World War II Victory Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific Area Campaign Medal, the Combat Action Ribbon, and the American Area Campaign Medal, among others. 

Eddy Duchin's death

On the 9th of February 1951, Eddy Duchin died at the Memorial Hospital in Manhattan after suffering from acute myelogenous leukemia. He was 41 years old. 

Who was Eddy Duchin's second wife?

Eddy Duchin's second wife was Maria Teresa "Chiquita" Parke-Smith. He got married to her in 1947. 

Did Duchin remarry?

Yes, Duchin remarried. He got married for the second time to Maria Teresa "Chiquita" Parke-Smith in 1947. 







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