Who is General No Pity: Biography, Political Career, Ambazonian Seperalist, SCNC


General No Pity is a military commander and a seperalist of Ambadazonia, an area around Wouri River in Southern Cameroon

General No Pity is a military commander and a seperalist of Ambadazonia, an area around Wouri River in Southern Cameroon. In the ongoing Ambadazonia war between Ambazonian seperalist rebel groups and Cameroon Armed Forces, he commands several military groups like the Bui Unity Warriors and the Bambalang Marine Forces. 

General No Pity Biography

Early Life

Clement Mbashie, popularly known by his alias “General No Pity” was born in 1985, in Bambalang, Cameroon. Growing up, he had to work hard to support himself as a result of being born into a low-income family.

Although General No Pity was able to acquire primary education from a school in Bambalang, he couldn't afford to continue with hsi education as a result of his financial issues. 

Political Career

Around the lare 2000s, General No Pity decided to join the Ambadazonia seperalist movement after drawing inspirations from the writings of Ambazonian nationalists like Emmanuel Tataw and Cornelius Lantum. By 2010, he had already joined the central Ambazonian seperalist organization known as the Southern Cameroos National Council (SCNC). 

The SCNC was established in 1993 to serve as a voice for the independence of the English-speaking ( anglophone) regions of Cameroon. Despite receiving a ban from the Cameroonian government a year after it was established, it continued to function underground and launch protests against the government, one of which includes the 2016 campaign of civil disobedience which resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of many Ambazonians. 

In 2018, General No Pity left the SCNC and formed the Bambalang Marine Forces (BMF), his personal militia known to be one of the most effective and most feared seperalist militias in Cameroon. Over the years, the BMF has orchestrated various attacks on the Cameroonian government, military and civilians. These attacks have made General No Pity a controversial figure among the Anglophones, with some condemning him for his brutality and others praising him for his determination and contribution to their independence. 

General No Pity Military and Leadership Style

General No Pity's military style is one that involves the use of guerilla warfare. He is also known to use tactics like hit-and-run and ambushes as well as weapons like IEDs. As a leader he is an authoritarian and a disciplinarian, often accused of abusing human rights and killing people who are suspected of working with the Cameroonian government. 


General No Pity is a very controversial and complex figure known to be a very dexeterious military commander who commands several military groups and abuse human rights. He is currently one of the most wanted military leaders in Cameroon, with the government offering CFA 100 million to anyone who can capture or kill him. 

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