DJ Dope Caesar Biography, Career, Social Media Handle, Mixtapes, Net Worth

DJ Dope Caesar is a Nigerian Disk Jockey who is popularly known for her infectious energy and incredible disk jockey skills

DJ Dope Caesar is a Nigerian Disk Jockey who is popularly known for her infectious energy and incredible disk jockey skills. She rose to fame after a viral video of her dropping mesmerizing  transitions at a performance at one of Obi's House parties surfaced online. 

The popular video has gathered over 1 million likes on TikTok and over 60,000 likes on Instagram, while boasting of more than 12,000 and 3,000 comments respectively on both platforms. 

But what more is there to know about DJ Dope Caesar?

DJ Dope Caesar Biography

Early Life

Sarah Oboh, popularly known as DJ Dope Caesar, was born into a family of music. While her father was a musician, record producer and sound engineer, her mother was also a big fan of music.

While she was in secondary school, DJ Dope Caesar started working the laptop for socials and by the time she was done with her university education in 2017, she happened to stumble on a entry-level controller in her dad's room. After exploring the controller, she started mixing music and developing passion for DJing in general. 


DJ Dope Caesar started her career as a DJ after a club hit her up, stating that they needed a resident DJ. This happened while she was waiting to go back to school for her Masters degree. As the papers for her Masters degree never came, she took the offer and started performing as a resident DJ. 

DJ Dope Caesar's performances at the club were so electrifying that she started getting more DJing gigs despite not considering herself as a professional DJ. She has since been able to carve out a niche for herself in the DJing industry and win over the hearts of music lovers. She has also been able to gather a good number of loyal fans and followers. 

DJ Dope Caesar's career as a disk jockey is inspired by popular DJs like DJ Switch from Nigeria, Cocoa Chanelle from the United States, DJ Puffy from Barbados, DJ Amy from France, Moody Mike from France, and Skratch Bastid.

DJ Dope Caesar Rise to Fame

DJ Dope Caesar's breakthrough and turning point as a DJ came during her participation at the one of the Monday night legendary parties at Obi’s House. While standing behind the wheels amid cheers from music enthusiasts, she started spinning “Love is Wicked,” a 2007 hit song by Brick & Lace. The rhythm of the song changed into a singular note which played for some seconds before unfolding into “Soweto,” a 2022 afro-pop track by Victony and Tempoe. 

This mesmerizing and electrifying transition sent both DJ Dope Caesar and everyone at the party into ecstasy. The moment, which was recorded and posted on social media, went viral immediately and earned her over 10,000 followers on the first day. 

Presently, the viral video has over 1 million likes on TikTok and 60,000 likes on Instagram, while DJ Dope Caesar herself has over 200,000 followers on TikTok and over 95,000 followers on Instagram. She has also ammased over 15 million views on TikTok.

DJ Dope Caesar Style

DJ Dope Caesar's DJing style is one that blends various genres while infusing mixes with elements of electronic music, hip-hop, and Afrobeat. She also has the ability to create a captivating atmosphere while transitioning between different sounds in a seamless fashion. 

This unique style makes her innovative and versatile, and has been able to set her apart from some of her colleagues in the DJing industry. 

DJ Dope Caesar Mixtapes

Some known mixtapes DJ Dope Caesar has released over the years include:

  • Dope Caesar – Dopecaesar Dj Mixtape (Hardest Mixtape)
  • Dope Caesar – Obi’s House May 8th 2023

DJ Dope Caesar Social Media Handles

DJ Dope Caesar's TikTok username is (@Dopecaesar_) while her Instagram username is (@Dopecaesar).

DJ Dope Caesar Boyfriend

DJ Dope Caesar does not have a boyfriend. She is single. 

DJ Dope Caesar Net Worth

DJ Dope Caesar has a net worth of around $1 million, thanks to her expanded portfolio and the waves she is making in the music industry. 

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