Emily Brontë Biography, Wiki, Age, Career, Death

Emily Brontë Biography, Wiki, Age, Career, Death

Born on the 30th of July 1818 in Thornton, Yorkshire, England, Emily Jane Brontë, simply known as Emily Brontë, was an English poet and novelist. She is best known for "Wuthering Heights," her only novel, which is also considered an English literature classic. She is also known for "Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell," a book of poetry she published alongside her sisters, Anne and Charlotte.

Emily Bronte died on December 19, 1848, in Haworth, Yorkshire, England at the age of 30.

Early life

Emily Bronte was born to an Irish father, Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell, in Thornton, Yorkshire, England. Patrick and Maria both had six children together, of whom Emily was the second-youngest.

Growing up, Emily Brontë's family lived in a village in Thornton, on the outskirts of Bradford, before moving a few years later to Haworth, where her father got employed as a perpetual curate. 

On September 15, 1821, Emily Brontë's mother died of cancer, and Emily, together with her siblings, were handed over to her aunt, Elizabeth Branwell.


On November 25, 1824, Emily Brontë started attending the Clergy Daughter's School at Cowan Bridge but stopped shortly after losing her elder sisters Maria and Elizabeth to a typhodic epidemic that swept the school. She then had to get homeschooled, together with her other siblings, by her father and aunt.

In 1835, Emily Brontë started attending Roe Head Girls' School before leaving a few months later after suffering from extreme home sickness. 


In September 1838, Emily Brontë kick-started her career as a teacher at Law Hill School in Halifax before returning home in April 1839 after suffering from health challenges. 

Like many other authors, Emily Brontë was a product of her environment, and this had a direct influence on her writing. In 1845, Emily Brontë's sister, Charlotte, discovered some of the poems she had been writing and persuaded her to publish them. Both of them, together with another sister, Anne, then published a collection of poems titled "Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell," with Charlotte contributing 19 poems and Emily and Anne contributing 21 each. The collection of poems was released under the male names of Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell, with each pseudonym starting with the same consonant as the writer's name. It sold only two copies, and this motivated them to even write more. 

In December 1845, Emily Brontë started writing the novel "Wuthering Heights," and in 1847, it was published for the first time by Thomas Cautely Newby. The violence and passion of this novel led many to believe it was written by a man. Although "Wuthering Heights" received mixed reviews after its initial release, it later went on to become an English literary classic. 


On the 19th of December 1848, Emily Brontë died of tuberculosis in her home after catching a severe cold at her brother Branwell's funeral. She was 30 years old. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Emily Brontë die?

Emily Brontë died of tuberculosis after catching a severe cold at her brother's funeral.

Where did Emily Brontë live?

Emily Brontë lived in Haworth, Yorkshire, England.

How old was Emily Brontë when she died?

Emily Brontë was 30 years old when she died.

How old was Emily Brontë when she wrote Wuthering Heights?

Emily Brontë was 27 years old when she wrote the novel Wuthering Heights.

Who are Emily Brontë's sisters?

Emily Brontë had four sisters; Maria, Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Anna Brontë.

Who is Anne Brontë?

Anne Brontë is Emily Brontë's younger sister. She is the last child of the Brontë family.

What did Charlotte Brontë write?

Charlotte Brontë wrote the novel "Jane Eyre."

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