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Top 10 Free Cloud Storage To Keep Your Important File in 2019

Top 10 Cloud Storage To Keep Your Important File in 2019

In this our recent years, we are not comfortable to store some important file on SD card or Flash Drive because SD card and Flash drive are always affected with virus after using it for some years. But when we're talking about "Cloud Storage". This means we're talking about everlasting use of the file because you can still get the file online in a matter of download. 
Although, don't mind me when I says SD card sometimes are affected with viruses and also applied to Flash drive. Honestly, Online Storage also get some problems at a time.

  Why did I said that? 
You may keep your file in Online media Storage but what if the company in charge of your files decided to shutdown their service? That's the end of your file. But I believe one thing, they won't shutdown without notice. They'll mail you with the email you used to signed up when they are about to shutdown their service. Before I list out the top ten (10) Free Online Media Storage to keep your important file for future Use, let's checked - what Online Media Storage is, their advantages and how they worked.

What's Cloud Media Storage

Cloud Storage is a designated drive or memory for storing any file(s) online and you can get the file whenever you wished. Even if you lost your phone or PC, you can still login later and get your file. Cloud Storage can also be called "Online Drive"

Advantages of Online Media Storage

I shouldn't write out the advantages because I have mentioned a lot of it above. But let's just tap it...
  1. Your file are secured by the company in charge of your file.
  2. You file are protected with Password.
  3. You can also view your file online
  4. Even if you lost your phone/PC, your file(s) are still there. You'll just have to login with another phone/PC then you download it straight to your device for offline use.
  5. You can share the file URL for others to download it.

How Online Media Storage Works

Cloud storage are so simple to use. You will sign up with the website which provide online storage like Google Drive with your email and password then you create account with them and have your online drive. You can upload any file into the online media storage. 
  Note: You can always login with your email and password.

Top 10 Online Media Storage To keep Your Important file In 2019

Below are the list of top 10 cloud storage to save your important file in 2019 for future use.
  1. Google Drive
  2. Dropbox
  3. Mediafire
  4. Box
  5. Mega
  6. Next Cloud
  7. Sync
  8. pCloud
  9. OneDrive
  10. iCloud

If you have anything to say concerning Free Cloud Storage, Kindly drop a comment on this article and I'll be happy to reply you.

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