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Airtel Double Data: Get 5GB For N1500, 3GB For N1000 And 1GB For N500

This is another amazing data cheat from airtel in this year. It's quite amazing, 5GB for 1500naira, 3GB for 1000naira and 1GB for 500naira.
Actually, this is not a cheats but it's a normal data plan from Airtel. You may like to check on our previous post on Airtel cheats by Clicking Here.

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Now let's move to the real deal.

Airtel Double Data List

Just take a look at this cheat:
  • 150 MB for N 100 - valid for 1 day
  • 400 MB for N200 - valid for 3 days
  • 1.5 GB for N500 - valid for 14 days
  • 3GB for N1000 - valid for 1 month
  • 5GB for N1500 - valid for 1 month
  • 7GB for N2000 - valid for 1 month
  • 11GB for N3000 - valid for 1 month.
To check your data balance, dial * 140 #
Note: This cheat can be used on any device and also on PC. This cheat is not a sim selective.

How To Activate Airtel Double Date Plan

  1. Firstly, get a new Airtel 4G sim. Register and activate it.
  2. Then, send GET to 141 through text message(This will activate your double data plan on your line).
You can even dial *144# on your Airtel line to select the data plan you wish to go for.   
Note: Your line will continue getting double data for three(3) months. And after 3months, you'll be served as normal data plan. 
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